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HopCast Episode 177

Episode 177: Beerfly Alley Fight

There were so many great events happening during Chicago Craft Beer Week but one that you shouldn’t have missed was the Beerfly Alley Fight at Haymarket Pub. The Beerfly Alley Fight pairs a dozen home brewers with an amateur chef to create a tasty paring. The two of them are then paired with an artist who creates a piece of art inspired by their beer and food.  Ken Hunnemeder entered with his Smoked Alt and to no surprise of the Hop Cast team, took home gold. Ken was pretty busy during the event, serving his Smoked Alt beer paired with his friend Suzanne Wolcott’s gluttonous fried cheese curds. So Brad kept himself busy trying all the other great entries and finding a little time to Chat with Steve Mosqueda about the event he put together. 6 years and going strong, this event needs to be on your calendar for next year.

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Hop Cast – Episode 128: Drinking and Writing

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are at Haymarket Pub & Brewery talking with Steve Mosqueda and Sean Benjamin about Drinking and Writing. Joining them on the Hop Cast is Jamie Budzick and head brewer at Haymarket, Pete Crowley. Steve and Sean created Drinking and Writing to preserve the spirit and devotion of the hard drinking writer and to uphold the rituals of their creativity and passion for the written word. Before Haymarket opened, Steve and Sean performed at pubs around the city. Pete offered them a home at Haymarket and now that they have a permanent location they have the freedom to do things they may not of been able to do before. Like having a special Christmas beer that Pete is brewing for their Christmas show in April. Drinking and Writing put on a great show and they are always changing so be sure to check out the Drinking and Writing website to see what they have coming up.

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