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HopCast Episode 244

Episode 244: Alley Time & FOCOllaboration

In episode 244 of the Hop CastBrad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder open up two different American Pale Ales. One is in a can from Illinois and one is a bomber for Colorado. First up, Brad and Ken open up the Spiteful Brewing Alley Time, this 6 % ABV APA is brewed with Pilsen Malt and a single addition of Simcoe hops. Spiteful recently started canning and this was one of the first ones to hit the shelves. Next up is the FOCOllaboration, the #6 in New Belgium’s Hop Kitchen series. For this 6.7 % ABV APA, New Belgium teamed up with the hometown hop heroes at Odell to brew a FOrt COllins collaboration. This is a new great series from New Belgium and is worth following along with as new ones are released.

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HopCast Episode 224

Episode 224: BeerHoptacular!


Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are at the Lacuna Artist Loft Studios for the fourth BeerHoptacular! In this episode Ken and Brad sample a ton of great beer and even find a few moments to talk with a few brewers / owners. Look for a quick interview with Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery and Jason Klein Spiteful Brewing.

If you made it out to this years Hoptacular we hope you had a great time and if you missed it, be sure to keep your eye out for the next one.

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HopCast Episode 211

Episode 211: Gigantic IPA & Bitter Biker

In episode 211 of the Hop CastKen Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are kickin it outside, sipping on a couple big IPAs and enjoying the Chicago summer. The first beer they open is the Gigantic IPA from Gigantic Brewing Company. Gigantic Brewing is from Oregon and just started distributing to Chicago. The Gigantic IPA is a 7.3 % ABV American IPA and even though its a Gigantic IPA, this one is easy drinking. Next up is the Bitter Biker from Spiteful Brewing, one of the newest nanobreweries to hit the Chicago scene. Stepping it up from the single IPA, the Bitter Biker is a double that’s packing a 9.6 % ABV. Watch out! You might not want to bike right after if you take this 22 oz bomber down by yourself. Summer and IPAs, what a great combination.

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