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Hop Cast – Episode 143: Ska Brewing’s Mexican Logger & ESB Special Ale

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are hitting the canned beers again in episode 143. This time the two of them reach for a couple cans from Ska Brewing. The first one is the Mexican Logger, a 4.2 % ABV American Pale Lager. This is one of the newest beers from Ska to go out in the can and is a great addition to their line up. Brad and Ken follow up the Mexican Logger with the ESB Special Ale. This 5.7 % ABV Extra Special Bitter is a pretty common one to find. If your local bar is out of the Modus Hoperandi there is a good chance you’ll find some ESB cans ready to drink. Ska Brewing cans are great to keep on hand at home. If you pick up the variety packs there is a good chance you’ll have something on hand any beer drinker should enjoy.

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Beer Of The Month – May

Summer can’t get here soon enough! Even if summer isn’t here yet we can still drink like it’s summer. So for the May beer of the month we have picked Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale. This 5.3% ABV Blonde Ale is light and crisp which is perfect for getting in the spirit for the warmer weather. Most of the time you’ll see this beer in a can… got to love those can beers. If you pour it out into a glass you will be presented with a hazy, golden color and just a slight head. The aroma of yeast, lemons and grains drift from the glass and begin to brighten up your day. The full essence of summer fills your mouth when you take that first sip. Flavors of sweet malts, lemon and a slight hop presence brings a smile to the face. Drinking this beer you can easily knock back a few cans and just enjoy the afternoon.

If you’re just looking to get in the summer mood or looking for something to quench that summer thirst then True Blonde Ale from Ska Brewing is an excellent choice.

HopCast Episode 123

Episode 123: Ska Sour & Cascade Bourdonic Plague

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are getting funky and sour in episode 123 of the Hop Cast. Joined with them on this taste bud adventure are special guests Charlie Drews and Greer Davis. Both of whom are big fans of sour beers, so this episode is perfect for them. The first beer the four of them open is the Ska Brewing Ska Sour, an American Wild Ale that was only brewed once. This was a rare find since in Chicago we don’t see much from Ska besides the standard cans. They follow up the Ska Sour with a beer Brad picked up in Portland, Or.  The Cascade Bourbonic Plague another American Wild Ale packing a huge punch at 11.5% ABV. Cascade makes some killer sour beers and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Brad and Ken thank you for the continued support of the Hop Cast. Thank You for watching.


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