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HopCast Episode 197

Episode 197: Anchor Porter & Six Row Porter

In episode 197 of the Hop Cast, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski warm up with a couple delicious Porters. With all the big IPAs and Russian Imperial Stouts the Porter sometimes flies under the radar.

First up Ken and Brad open the 5.6% Anchor Porter from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company. This is one solid porter that you could use as a benchmark for all other porters. After the Anchor Porter Ken and Brad crack open the Six Row Porter. Six Row just recently started distributing to Chicago from St. Louis and it’s always great to welcome a new midwest brewery to the shelves.

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HopCast Episode 133

Episode 133: 21st Amendment Brewery

While in San Francisco for the Craft Brewers Conference, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder had a chance to sit down with brewer / owner Shaun O’Sullivan at 21st Amendment. Over a year ago Shaun O’Sullivan was in Chicago and was on episode 67 of the Hop Cast talking about the new release of Monk’s Blood. This time Brad and Ken got to hang out in Shaun’s town and taste the awesome beers 21st Amendment has on tap. During the episode Shaun O’Sullivan shares some stories about the brewery and talks about the latest beer release from the brewery, Bitter American. 21st Amendment isn’t available in Illinois but it is available in many other states. So if you live in or are visiting one of those states, grab a can for us.

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