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Hop Cast – Episode 144: SAVOR Flowers & Portamarillo

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski get to sample a couple harder to find beers from Dogfish Head in episode 144. The first one they open is the SAVOR Flowers. This beer was a collaboration with Dogfish Head and Samuel Adams for the SAVOR American craft beer & food event in D.C. The SAVOR Flowers was made with rosewater, rosebuds, jasmine, hibiscus, lavender, a specialty hop known only as #369, then aged in oak barrels. Ken and Brad then move onto their next beer, Portamarillo an American Porter from Dogfish Head and Epic Brewing. Many of you might of seen this beer being brewed in the Discovery show Brewmasters. These beers are unique and are very different from each other; once again showcasing Dogfish Head’s incredible range as a brewery. It was a rare treat to sample of both these on the Hop Cast. So thank you to the ones that hooked it up with these two wonderful brews. And thank you for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 30

For episode 30 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are doing something a little different. The two of them  are brewing beer and showing how it’s done. The recipe they used is for a Blood Orange Hefeweizen from Sam Calagione’s book Extreme Brewing. So join Brad and Ken as the two of them take you through boiling the water to chilling the wort, on to fermentation and finally the culmination… the tasting. Hopefully you learn something about home brewing and perhaps it will spark your interest to do it yourself. If you’re not interested in learning about the home brewing process there is also a video of just the  tasting of the Blood Orange hefeweizen posted as well as the full episode.  For the tasting Brad and Ken are joined by Stephen FreshnockBrian McCauley and Charlie Drews.

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Since this episode is a long one, here is a version of only the tasting of the Blood Orange Hefeweizen with Stephen Freshnock, Brian McCauley and Charlie Drews.