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HopCast Episode 89

Episode 89: Pisgah Brewing

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are in Black Mountain, North Carolina at Pisgah Brewing in episode 89 of the Hop Cast. Jason Caughman, co-owner of Pisgah Brewing was kind enough to show them around the brewery and join them for a drink. Jason explains the organic philosophy of the brewery and why their organic beers are some of the best you’ll find. Jason also opened up a 2008 Cosmos to share with Ken and Brad. The Cosmos is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale and was definitely a treat. If you’re in the area be sure to visit Pisgah Brewing they have live music, a fire pit and a great game room, as well as outstanding organic beers..

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Hop Cast – Episode 85

Brad Chmielewski & Ken Hunnemeder are on the road in this episode of the Hop Cast. The two of them venture on a six day road trip down south for the Sexual Chocolate release at Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salmen, NC. Along the way they make some great stops and meet up with some fabulous people. A few of the places they visit are Sweetwater Brewery, Terrapin Beer Company, Brickstore Pub, and Pisgah Brewing.

This episode features highlights from pretty much all of the stops, stay tuned for more episodes this month featuring full interviews at pretty much all of the stops Brad and Ken made.

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Hop Cast – Episode 68

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are back with another episode of the Hop Cast. In episode 68, the two of them sample and review two beers from Pisgah Brewing; their Vortex 1 and Vortex 2. This is a brewery neither Brad nor Ken have had beers from. Pisgah Brewing is out of North Carolina and have over two dozen beers they brew, most of which are pretty highly rated on Beer Advocate. Brad and Ken start off with the Vortex 1 which is a Imperial/Double IPA coming in at 10.80%. After that the two of them move onto the darker and higher alcohol, Vortex 2. The Vortex 2 is a Russian Imperial Stout coming in at 11.70%. Both beers were pretty tasty and now that Pisgah Brewing is on Brad and Ken’s radar you can bet they will be picking up some more of their other beers.

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