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HopCast Episode 170

Hop Cast – Episode 170: Jinx Proof & Surly Smoke

After a couple big beers in the previous episodes Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski decide to dive into a couple lagers for episode 170. First up is Jinx Proof from 3 Floyds. This continental-style pils was brewed in collaboration with Jinx Proof tattoo in Washington D.C. At 5.10% ABV it’s the kind of beer that you can sip on pretty much all day. Next up, Ken and Brad move onto a bit bigger of a beer. The 8.2% ABV Surly Smoke. This beer is Lager-brewed, like any true Baltic Porter. Made with smoked malts from Bamberg, Germany, the home of Rauchbiers, then mellowed by oak-aging. Maybe not a beer to sip on all day but this would be a great beer with some food straight from the grill.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 7

In episode 7 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski show you that good things can come in a can. They sample and review three beers including Keweenaw Brewing’s , Sleeping Lady’s Urban Wilderness and the Pilsner from Canada’s Steam Whistle. Ken and Brad also explain to you the benefits of canned beer and show you why it’s a craft beer trend that is catching on.

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