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Ken Visits Vintage Estate


I recently found myself taking a trip to Youngstown, Ohio with my sights set on some beers that are out of the Chicago market.  Having some luck last time around, I planned on stopping at a couple places in Cleveland on the way.  I soon realized, thanks to my gracious hosts, there was no need; because the #1 rated beer store in America (according to www.ratebeer.com) is located right in Youngstown!!  It quickly became a prioritized destination for me and I was not disappointed.

Vintage Estate Wine and Beer is the beer drinker’s playground.  They have a great selection of American craft and also plenty of special imported beers (such as some great Belgian sours!!).  Not only is this a great place to buy coveted beers for your home habits, they have a bar connected right next to the store!!  So grab a pint, and get to shopping!!  The bar was pouring some tasty treats on draft including Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Avery Maharaja IPA, and Saison DuPont.  They even let you buy a bottled beer, open it up, and continue to shop while you drink.

Many may find such a vast and overwhelming selection a bit intimidating.  And oftentimes, in establishments with such critical acclaim the staff can become pretentious or “too cool for school”.  Vintage Estate does not fall into this category.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help with any questions.  So whether you’re an experienced beer drinker, just getting into the game, or shopping or a friend or loved one you can feel right at home.  I talked personally with owner, Phill Reda, who is very passionate about what he does and it shows.

Big shout outs to the folks at Vintage Estate Wine and Beer for some wonderful additions to my cellar!!  I will certainly be back and I encourage any travelers and especially locals to check out this outstanding beer destination.

Vintage Estate Wine and Beer
7317 South Ave
Boardman, OH 44512


HopCast Episode 36

Episode 36: Black Bear XX & Siberian Night

In Hop Cast episode 36, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski enjoy a couple different stouts. The first beer they sample and review is again, another one thanks to Maggie from Portland, OR and it is the Black Bear XX stout from Alameda Brewing. The Black Bear XX Stout comes in at a ABV of 6.8 % and an IBU of 50. The second beer they sample is a Russian Imperial Stout and it is the Siberian Night from Ohio brewery, Thirsty Dog. The Siberian Night has a ton of flavor and comes in at a ABV of 9.0% and an IBU of 58. Both these beers have won awards at the Great American Beer Festival, so you know its just not Ken and Brad who liked them.

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Hop Cast – Episode 18

In episode 18 Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are a little Surly as they try two tasty IPAs from the great state of Ohio. With them for this adventure in fine beers are two special guests from Ohio, Jess and Kevin. The four of them sample and review BuckEye Brewing’s Hippie I.P.A. and BuckEye Brewing’s Seventy-Six. Sorry no Great Lakes in this episode.

Download the Podcast (238.7MB).