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HopCast Episode 44

Episode 44: Ninkasi’s Spring Reign & Deschutes Red Chair

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by Steve Siwinski for episode 44 of the Hop Cast. In this episode the three of them sample and review a few beers from the fine state of Oregon. The first beer they knock back in the Spring Reign from Ninkasi Brewing. Ninkasi’s Spring Reign is an American Blonde Ale coming in at 6.0% ABV. After that they move onto something Ken and Brad are no strangers to… a nice American IPA. This IPA is the Red Chair from Deschutes Brewery coming in at 6.4% ABV.

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Hop Cast – Episode 9

In Hop Cast episode 9, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski and special guest Charlie Drews show you a couple different Double IPAs they reach for after a hard day at Work. The first beer they sample and review from Ninkasi Brewing’s Tricerahops Double IPA, which comes in at 100+ IBU’s. The second beer they sample is the IPA2 (Double India Pale Ale) from Sprecher Brewing. Ken and Brad also let you know what an India Pale Ale is and what it takes to be a Double IPA and even find out what happens when an IPA has been aged.

Download the Podcast (142.8 MB).