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HopCast and Monthlys

As you might have seen, Monthlys has discontinued selling all products and services on their website. If you were signed up for the Beer Of The Month clubs that the HopCast was involved with we want to thank you for giving it a try and we hope you enjoyed some of the beers you received. If you are still signed up for Beer Of The Month club, all orders that were placed with Monthlys will be directly fulfilled by Clubs of AmericaClubs of America was previously handling all our beer shipments, and Monthlys and the HopCast were helping to promote and assist in the choosing of the beers.

Right now, moving forward we will not be involved with Clubs of America and have no say in the beers getting shipped to the subscribers nor will we be reviewing the beers shipped out to members. We had a good experience working with Monthlys and hope they were able to introduce some new beers to everyone as well as introduce a handful of new people to craft beer.


Celebrate Life With Hand Selected Craft Beer From The Hop Cast

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You know you need some more beer in your life and why not have it delivered. We’ve put together a killer beer club for both novice and expert craft beer enthusiasts. Get 12 Bottles of artisan craft beer through Monthlys. Some featured brews will be from Alaskan Brewing, Arcadia Brewing Company, Blue Frog Grog, Brickstone Brewery, BuckEye Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Flossmoor Station, Great Lakes Brewing, Hair Of The Dog, Harviestoun Brewery, Kentucky Ale, Surly Brewing, Three Floyds, Two Brothers Brewing, and many more