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Hop Cast – Episode 79

Ken Hunnemeder & Brad Chmielewski head over to another great Chicago brewery, Half Acre Brewing in episode 79 to talk with Gabriel Magliaro & Matt Gallagher. The day Ken & Brad stopped by the guys were busy bottling the latest Baumé release. Hop Cast was able to catch up with Gabriel in the store front where he shared a little history on how Half Acre came to be and what they have coming up in the future. Gabriel breaks down their bottle release plans along with what you’ll be able to get on tap next at the brewery. After all the bottles were finished being filled Matt was able to spare a few minutes to talk about Half Acre’s delicious beers. Being one of the guys behind the beer, he shared a little insight into the brewing process on a few of their beers.

Make sure you head down to the brewery and get yourself a growler.

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