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Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits

Sorry this isn’t a new episode. Brad and Ken wanted to start to give more beer finds and information between episodes. There just isn’t enough time in each episode to go over everything. At the moment Brad and Ken are on a road trip with Kyle Ogawa and Maeve Price heading to Ocean City, Maryland to visit friend and Hop Cast fan Shawn Riggins. While on the road the four of them stopped at an awesome liquor store in Washington D.C. and they wanted to share this find with all the Hop Cast fans. We wouldn’t of even been able to find this liquor store if it wasn’t for the beerfly guide on beeradvocate.com. Alright, I know you just want the name of the store… The liquor store is called Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits. Located at 5544 Connecticut Avenue. They have a great selection of Belguim beers along with a ton of American craft beers. Just a few of the breweries included some of Brad and Ken’s favorites like; Stone, Weyerbacher, Bell’s, Rogue, Clipper City, and North Coast… the list really goes on and on. What made this store stand out wasn’t just the great selection to choose from or the friendly staff but it was that they offered the option to buy single 12 oz bottle. This is a great option since sometimes you really only want one or two of a beer since it might not be any good. It also gives you the opportunity to get as many beers from different places without spending a ton of money. If you’re in the Washington D.C. area Chevy Chase liquors is a must visit! Stay tuned and I’m sure you will be seeing some of the beers Brad and Ken picked up here on an upcoming Hop Cast.