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Goose 25 Years

Congratulations On 25 Years!

Last night Goose Island celebrated 25 years with a great event at the Goose Island Clybourn Brewpub. The event featured over 60 beers that had been brewed on and off since 1988. The event cost $75 and gave you access to all those beers as well as some amazing food. You also had the chance to chat with people like John & Greg Hall if you wanted.

It’s hard to believe that Goose has been around for 25 years and it’s exciting to see everything they have done in really such a short time. Some of those have been more liked than others but still it’s amazing to think about the impact Goose Island had on the American craft beer scene. Such as barrel aging beers and cultivating wild yeast. There was a number of breweries that started around that same time like Great Lakes, North Coast and Deschutes and we’re seeing them all release special beers to celebrate this, as well as putting on some great events. Of course, since I’m from Chicago and Summertime was the beer that introduced me to the craft beer world, Goose Island means a great deal to me. By seeing the amount of people at the event you realize how much Goose Island also meant to them. This wasn’t a beer fest, although you could drink as much as you wanted, everyone was there to give their well wishes to John Hall and Goose Island.

With Chicago Craft Beer Week starting later this week, the Goose Island party was sort of like the pre-party to the whole week. Rather than getting lost in all the other events of the 10 days, they were able to position it a few days before everything gets started and remind people how much influence Goose Island has had on the Chicago beer community and the American beer community.