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Hop Cast – Episode 42

In episode 42 of the Hop Cast, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by two ladies; Darcy Laughlin and Jane Kim. The four of them sample and review a few beers that Jane brought back with her from Arizona. The first wobbly pop they sample is a pale ale from Prescott Brewing. This guy comes in one of Ken and Brad’s favorite vessels, the can. They follow up the pale with the Cordillera Blanca from Sonora Brewing. The Cordillera is a little different then Ken and Brad usually feature on the Hop Cast, it is a White Chocolate Ale. Another great brewery that wasn’t featured on the Hop Cast was Nimbus they are definitely worth checking out. Big thanks to Jane for bringing back these beers.

Download the Podcast (175.5 MB).