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HopCast Episode 184

Episode 184: Foothills Carolina Blonde & Cottonwood ENDO IPA

In episode 184 Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder open a couple beers from Foothills Brewing Company in North Carolina. You might remember Brad and Ken were at Foothills when they went on the road trip for the Sexual Chocolate release. Well since then, Foothills has begun bottling and packaging more than just the limited release beers from the brew pub. Foothills isn’t distributed here in Chicago, so it was a real treat to try these beers from a great brewery.

The first beer they open is the Carolina Blonde Cream Ale. A Cream Ale isn’t a style you see all that often from breweries, most of them would just do a standard pilsner, so it’s really refreshing to see Foothills doing something different. And refreshing it is, this 4.3% ABV beer is easy to drink and delicious. Following up the Cream Ale, Brad and Ken reach for the hops. The Cottonwood ENDO is a 6% ABV IPA that makes for a great BBQ companion, southern style of course. This is a really well balanced IPA that dosen’t try to be a hop bomb and instead makes for an easy drinking and delicious beer.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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