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Hop Cast – Episode 151: Flossmoor Station Collaborative Evil & Beelzebeer

In episode 151 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by Brad Stark . The three of them crack open two beers that were sitting in the cellar for a while. Both beers are from Flossmoor Station and were brewed by former head brewer Bryan Shimkos. Bryan is currently brewing at Half Acre and we personally look forward to seeing what he brings to the team there. While Bryan was at Flossmoor he brewed some fantastic limited edition beers. These are two of them. The first beer they open is the Collaborative Evil. The Collaborative Evil is a very interesting project. In 2008, three brewers decided to create a beer recipe and then brew it at their respective brewhouses. Then in 2009, six more breweries and brewers were brought in including Bryan from Flossmoor Station. The base style for this year is a Belgian-inspired Strong Pale. It was intended to get all the beers to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver so that they could be served at the same time under one roof. After tasting this deadly collaboration ale the three of them move on to the 11 % American Strong Ale called Beelzebeer Batch #666. With Halloween right around the corner it seemed like the perfect time to pull these devilish brews from the cellar.

Thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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Hop Cast – Episode 96

John Holzer, Stephen Johnson and Dr. Bill Sysak from New Brew Thursday join Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski in episode 96 of the Hop Cast. The five of them went onto the roof to enjoy the nice weather but that wind didn’t play very nice with the microphone, so there is a bit of wind noise. But the wind didn’t stop them from enjoying some excellent American Barleywines. The first beer they crack open is the latest release of the Gratitude from East End Brewing Company. This American Barleywine has an ABV of 11.5%, and should be shared with friends. They then open up a couple bottles of the recently released Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery Hi-Fi Rye. This is another big beer coming in at 11% ABV. According to Brewer Bryan Shimkos there will be a barrel version of the Hi-Fi Rye coming out in the future. So if you missed the bottle release for the Hi-Fi Rye, stay tuned for that one.

Big thanks to the guys from New Brew Thursday for joining the Hop Cast on episode 96!

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Hop Cast – Episode 91

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are in Flossmoor, IL chatting with head brewer of Flossmoor Station Byran Shimkos. Bryan tells them a little about his background as a brewer and how he ended up finding a home at Flossmoor Station. He also talks about some of the great events that Flossmoor Station has going on, including an event at the Map Room featuring past Flossmoor brewers pouring their current creations. Bryan also talks about the upcoming release of an Imperial Pilsner that will be available the day before Dark Lord Day.

Flossmoor Station Brewery is right off the Metra, which makes it an easy trip for anyone coming in from Chicago.

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Hop Cast – Episode 52

For episode 52 of the Hop Cast, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by Scott Pellman at the Daily Planet ltd office. In this episode Ken and Brad decide to go with what they love, a couple of IPAs. The first beer the three of them sample is the Flossmoor “Rye”m & Reason from new head brewer Bryan Shimkos. The Flossmoor “Rye”m & Reason is an American IPA and has an ABV of 7.5%. The second IPA they dive into is the AleSmith IPA. Ken was lucky enough to pick this up at Vintage Estate Wine and Beer on his recent trip to Youngstown, Ohio. The AleSmith IPA comes in at 7.25% ABV. As always the Hop Cast brings it with a couple solid IPAs. Thanks for watching the Hop Cast and stay tuned for even more great episodes.

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Hop Cast – Flossmoor Interview At Alefest 2009 (Mobile Special)

Here is another interview from the 2009 Alefest. This time Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski were able to chat with Bryan Shimkos the brewmaster from Flossmoor Station. Bryan brought three beers with him to Alefest, the Apesession, Killer Kapowski and the Farewell Ale. Flossmoor Station is brewing some wonderful beer and they are just a short ride on the metra from Chicago. If you live in the Chicago area, its highly recommended that you check out Flossmoor Station.

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A Brewing Renaissance In Chicago

This New York Times article was passed on to me the other day and I figured it was worth sharing with the Hop Cast audience. The article talks about the rise of craft beer in Chicago. More and more of the beers you see being served are brewed right in Chicago. Just a few years ago, you wouldn’t of seen this, it would of been PBR, Miller and Bud. Only lately has Chicago experienced a brewing renaissance of its own like you have seen over the years in Portland, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Today, local beer is popping up all over town. Now the tap handles read, Goose Island, Half Acre, Three Floyds, Metropolitan, and Flossmoor. The article is worth a read especially if you live in Chicago or if you have plans to visit. One place that the article didn’t mention was Hamburgers Mary’s new Sports Bar and Brewery, located next to the restaurant. They just started brewing beer and currently feature three home brews. Or even Moonshine who has been brewing beer for about a year now. But read the article and look for a Hop Cast review of Hamburger Mary’s beer and Moonshine in the future.

Night of the Living Ales

Saturday March 7th marked the annual Night of the Living Ales festival at the Goose Island Wrigleyville location in conjunction with the Chicago Beer Society .  The festival involves cask/real ales from many local breweries as well as others from around the country.  This is one of my favorite events of the year.  There were quite a few standouts this year including last years’ winner, Surly Tea-Bagged Furious.

Much hype surrounded the premier of Popskull , a collaboration between Three Floyds and Dogfish Head.  This brown ale was aged on the famous Palo Santo Wood and will also be available at Dark Lord Day according to rumors.  Goose Island also had quite a showing with their Madam Rose(Kriek), Bourbon Sherry Beer, and Saison Le Chance. 

There were some great IPA’s tapped that night and the Hop Cast wouldn’t have it any other way!  Rock Bottom Chicago impressed with their Neil Diamond IPA and Flossmoor Station’s Ore Gone IPA was wonderful as well.

Rock Bottom Orland Park brought their experimental ShamRock Stout.  Looking at the name, I was hoping it was a take on the delicious Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s.  They didn’t disappoint!!  This mint stout was delicious and would probably make a damn fine beer float.

Overall this was a fantastic event, especially since this was the first year that they split into two sessions.  I would certainly say this was a success because the crowd was much more maneuverable than years past.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience so many great craft beers.  Don’t miss it next year!!