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HopCast Episode 200

Episode 200: Firestone Walker Double DBA & Driftwood Singularity

We’re doing a bit of celebrating in this episode, we’ve reached 200 episodes! Thank you all for watching each and every episode.

To celebrate Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are in the barrel warehouse at Goose Island sipping on a couple barrel aged beers. First up is the Firestone Walker Double DBA, this 12% ABV is an amazing example of how the barrel effects and changes a beer. If you love DBA as much as Ken does then Double DBA is going to be right up your alley. At 12 % ABV this beer is dangerous because all you want to do is knock back the entire bottle yourself. Next Ken and Brad crack open a bottle of the 2013 Driftwood Singularity. This beer was sent to us by a Hop Cast fan and it was a real treat to get to sample it. This 14% ABV Russian Imperial Stout spent 4 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels and those barrels really added some great flavors.

Do you have a barrel aged beer that you love?

Cheers & thanks for watching the Hop Cast, we hope you’ve enjoyed all 200 episodes.

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HopCast Episode 198

Episode 198: Firestone Walker In Chicago

We couldn’t be happier to see the entire Firestone Walker Brewing portfolio available in Chicago. For the last few months only the larger format or private reserve beers like Parabola and Wookey Jack had been available, but now everything from Pale 31, Velvet Merlin to Abacus are on the shelves in Chicago.

To celebrate this, Matt Brynildson and some of the FireStone Walker crew were in town at a number of launch parties. Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder met up with Matt at the South Loop Binny’s to chat about the Chicago launch and learn a little more about what Firestone Walker has planned.

One of Ken’s favorite beers is Double Barrel Ale and Matt shares with us the unique story that goes with DBA.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast! What’s your favorite Firestone Walker Brewing beer?

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HopCast Episode 166

Episode 166: Barrel Aged Blackout Stout & Firestone Walker 15

In episode 166 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by good friend Charlie Drews. The three of them reach for a couple barrel aged beers Brad has lying around. The first is the barrel aged version of Great Lakes Blackout Stout. The original version is a fantastic beer and is a favorite to order when it’s on tap in Chicago. Sadly this version of Blackout Stout might of been hanging around in the cellar a little too long. But being aged in oak barrels, it makes for a different flavor then you typically see from all these bourbon barrel aged beers. For the second barrel aged beer, they dive into Firestone Walker’s Fifteenth Anniversary. This beer is truly unique, blending together 8 beers; Helldorado, Sticky Monkey, Bravo, Double Double Barrel Ale, Good Foot, Velvet Merkin, Parabola, and Double Jack. If you weren’t able to pick up a bottle when it was released you might have a tricky time getting a taste of this but if you see it or know a friend who has a bottle, be sure to try it if you can.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 157: FOBAB 2011

In episode 157 Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are at The Ninth Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. This festival is held once a year and if you’ve seen the last couple years episodes, you know how great it is. Ken and Brad had a blast this year! It was great to see so many people excited for craft beer. This years Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers featured over 170 beers from over 50 different breweries. Ken and Brad again attended both the day and night sessions, clocking in over 10 hours of drinking. The two of them took a few breaks from sampling these fine beers to talk with Hop Cast fan and craft beer lover; Mike Rybinski. As well as talking with brewer Mike Rybinski about his new project. They chatted with Steve Hamburg, the man in charge of making sure everyone has a chance to taste these rare beers and they even managed to grab a few minutes with the man behind this festival, Pete Crowley.

FOBAB continues to evolve and get better every year. Hope you enjoyed seeing the coverage from the event and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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