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Hop Cast – Episode 61

In this episode of the Hop Cast, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski put down their beer to talk with the boozehound Kyle McHugh. Kyle McHugh helped to start up the boutique liquor store Drinks Over Dearborn. The shop is warm, intimate and very inviting especially for a couple beer lovers like Ken and Brad. Drinks Over Dearborn is located on the second floor at 650 N Dearborn Street. You will have to be buzzed up to enter but don’t let that turn you away because your are not likely to be disappointed with what they have to over. Besides their excellent selection of beers, one of Drinks Over Dearborn’s greatest feature is the ability to mix and match beers to create your own six pack. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a six pack you can even just walk out with one 12 oz bottle. Kyle is very knowledgeable in all things drink related and is more they happy to help you to find something that you are likely to enjoy. Ken and Brad would like to thank Kyle for taking the time to speak with them. Be sure to check out Drinks over Dearborn’s calender on their site because they have a lot of great events happening all around the city.

Download the Podcast (220.5 MB).