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HopCast Episode 268

Episode 268: Free State Brewing Co. Stormchaser & Cloud Hopper

Welcome to the Hop Cast, where Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder share their love of craft beer with the world.

On episode 268 of the Hop CastBrad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder open a couple of beers from the Lawrence, Kansas brewery, Free State Brewing Co. It’s not that often we see beers from Kansas although there are some great breweries out that way like Tallgrass Brewing, Boulevard Brewing Co. and Free State Brewing Co. On this episode the guys have two different IPAs they are giving a try. The first beer they dive into is the Stormchaser IPA, a summer seasonal IPA coming in at 59 IBUs. This beer is crisp, juicy and wonderfully balanced. Following up the StormchaserBrad and Ken open up the Cloud Hopper an Imperial IPA coming in at 9.2 % ABV, watch out! This robust beer boldly combines three highly potent American hop varieties: Columbus, Chinook and Cascade. Hops, Hops and more hops! A decent DIPA that’s worth trying if you’re looking for something a little bigger than the Stormchaser.

Cheers & thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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Beer Of The Month – January

There is no sense in not starting off 2012 big. So lets kick off the beer of the month series for 2012 with Surly Brewing’s 9.0 % ABV Double IPA. Sadly we can’t get Surly Brewing cans here in Chicago but that doesn’t stop us from finding them in other people’s refrigerators. Surly Brewing’s Abrasive Ale used to be called 16 Grit, it was renamed and put into those nicely designed cans. You know here at the Hop Cast we love can beers and the Abrasive Ale is fantastic.

If you pour it into a pint glass you’ll be greeted with a hazy amber color liquid and a dense creamy white head. Isn’t that lacing beautiful? That aroma of fresh citrus should hit you as soon as you’ve begun to pour it out. Grapefruit, lemon, tropical fruits all balanced out with a hint of caramel malts. If only all beers smelled this fresh. The flavor is soft, smooth and fresh. Those sweet malts come in to add a nice balance before the bitter finish. This is a fantastic Double IPA and rivals some of those delicious treats we in Chicago usually get from Three Floyds.

Knowing we can’t get fresh cans whenever we want makes you sad when that last can is gone. Get yourself some Abrasive Ale and enjoy it fresh and be glad you were able to have it because many folks out there haven’t had the joy of experiencing Surly Brewing Company.

Hop Cast – Episode 95

In Hop Cast episode 95 Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are joined by Sarah Huska for a couple of very interesting beers. The first one they jump into is the Hop Crisis from 21st Amendment. This was a gift sent from Shaun O’Sullivan for the Hop Cast to try on the show. The Hop Cast was told that the Hop Crisis is a triple IPA but it’s currently listed on Beer Advocate as a double IPA with an ABV of 11.80%. If you’re looking for a high AVB hop bomb then this one is right up your alley. The three of them then move onto the XXX Black Double IPA from Midnight Sun Brewing. The beer style name “Black IPA” has been under some debate for several months. So Jonathan Surratt jumps in while filming this episode to give his two cents on the naming convention of this style of beer. It’s important to note that since filming this episode the Brewers Association announced a new style name yesterday for this kind of beer. Its now called the American Style India Black Ale. Whatever your opinion may be on the new name, this style is great and the XXX Black Double IPA is one tasty beer.

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