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Beer & Ice Cream

You don’t hear very often about wine drinkers pairing wine with a good ice cream. Sure it can be done, a good sherry would probably work well with a light vanilla or there are always Wine Cellar Sorbets. But what happens when you want to mix up the flavors of your ice cream and try something different then a vanilla or chocolate. It becomes a lot hader to pair the two. ¬†Beer and ice cream are an excellent team. This is a pairing I feel beer has the biggest edge over wine. Beer has a broad range of flavors and it presents an unlimited possibility for ice cream and dessert pairings. Beer floats rock and they seem to be appearing on menus all over the place and for good reason, the richness of the cream goes well with the CO2. All you have to do is replace the root beer with one of the endless number of stouts out there. Beers that incorporate layers of flavors like honey, pumpkin, coconut, apple, and raspberry are practically begging to be paired with their food counter part or tossed into the ice cream machine. I have always been a fan of coffee and ice cream so a Russian Imperial Stout with vanilla bean ice cream is a perfect combo in my book. But try your own ice cream and beer combo and let me know. Would love to hear about an ice cream that has worked well with an IPA or a sour.