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HopCast Episode 248

Episode 248: beer Hoptacular

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are back at the Aragon Ballroom for another beer Hoptacular.

In this episode Ken and Brad sample a ton of great beer and even find a few moments to talk with a few great local beer folks. Including Claudia Jendron the Brewmaster at Temperance Beer Company, Chris Tourre from Arcade Brewery, and Lisa Zimmer from MillerCoors. If you made it out to this years Hoptacular, I’m sure you had a great time and if you missed it, keep your eye out for the next one.

Cheers! Thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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HopCast Episode 240

Episode 240: Temperance Beer Company

In episode 240 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder head out to Evanston, Illinois to visit Brewmaster Claudia Jendron at Temperance Beer Company. Claudia shares several of her great beers that she’s brewing including Gatecrasher, Smittytown & Restless Years. Right now you can find Gatecrasher in cans around Chicago but be on the look out for more very soon. Claudia let’s us know a little bit about each beer and why she decided to go with cans over bottles. We also get the inside scoop on where some of the names come from for the beers and why the local community is so important to Temperance.

Being around for such a short time, it’s awesome to see a a Chicagoland brewery doing so well. Be sure to head up to Evanston and check them out.

Cheers! And thank you for watching the Hop Cast!

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