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HopCast Episode 238

Episode 238: Q & A With Tom Korder and Phil Wymore

Hop Cast episode 238 was filmed in front of a live audience, yes that’s right it’s a live Hop Cast! During Chicago Craft Beer Week Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder sat down for a little Q & A with Tom Korder, Head Brewer and Co-Founder Of Penrose Brewing and Phil Wymore Brewmaster and Co-Founder of Perennial Artisan Ales. The Hopleaf is a location dear to any craft beer drinkers heart. This was one of the places that both Tom and Phil were extremely proud to first see their beers on tap. During the Q & A it get’s a bit loud in The Hopleaf as it tends to do so, we apologize for any audio issues. If you have any other questions for Tom or Phil please send them a tweet, we know they would be more than happy to answer them.

Cheers & thanks you for watching and supporting the Hop Cast.

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Chicago Craft Beer Week Kicked Off With Beer Under Glass

Last night Chicago Craft Beer Week kicked off with one of the best events of the week, or rather 10 days. The event was Beer Under Glass at the Garfield Park Conservatory. I love beer events when they are in locations that you aren’t typically allowed to drink. Its what makes the opening ceremony of the Craft Brewers Conference great every year and its another thing that makes Chicago Craft Beer Week so much fun.

This years event was even bigger and more spread out than last years. Which made it less crowded feeling but harder to get around to all the beers. Although it did cut down on lines, it took awhile to walk from one end to the other. The entire night I was only able to walk around the place twice. But no complaints here about that because the Conservatory is a beautiful place to wander around, especially when you have a beer in your hand.

With around 50 breweries pouring beer, you never had an empty glass, or if you did it was your own fault.

As you walked around from one area to the next it became hard not to run into someone you knew; either a brewer, a blogger or a craft beer enthusiast. Every area you wandered into, you were greeted with a new set of breweries that were pouring two or three different beers. If you looked to one side you’d find something delicious to eat that likely paired wonderfully with one of the beers.

One of the most serendipitous moments of the night was right outside where Perennial was pouring their beers. They were pouring their Black Walnut Dunkel and growing right by them was a Black Walnut tree. Not sure if that was planned or not but either way, pretty awesome.

Once again, Beer Under Glass was a fun night and I hope they continue to put it on as Chicago Craft Beer Week continues to grow every year.

HopCast Episode 177

Episode 177: Beerfly Alley Fight

There were so many great events happening during Chicago Craft Beer Week but one that you shouldn’t have missed was the Beerfly Alley Fight at Haymarket Pub. The Beerfly Alley Fight pairs a dozen home brewers with an amateur chef to create a tasty paring. The two of them are then paired with an artist who creates a piece of art inspired by their beer and food.  Ken Hunnemeder entered with his Smoked Alt and to no surprise of the Hop Cast team, took home gold. Ken was pretty busy during the event, serving his Smoked Alt beer paired with his friend Suzanne Wolcott’s gluttonous fried cheese curds. So Brad kept himself busy trying all the other great entries and finding a little time to Chat with Steve Mosqueda about the event he put together. 6 years and going strong, this event needs to be on your calendar for next year.

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HopCast Episode 176

Episode 176: Beer Under Glass

The Chicago Craft Beer Week kicked off at the Garfield Park Conservatory with the event, Beer Under Glass. Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski we able to check out the event and even managed to chat with a few of the local brewers about projects that are under way. All of you home brewers should recognize our first guest, Randy Mosher. Randy talks about the great news that 5 Rabbit has signed a deal on a brewery facility in southwest suburban Bedford Park, just a mile from Toyota Park. They hope to be up and brewing later this year if everything goes as planned. Speaking of new facilities, Ken and Brad were able to grab Josh Deth to talk about the opening of the Revolution Brewing production brewery. Revolution Brewing is going to make a big impact on the Chicago beer scene with its new facility. After a few more beers, Ken and Brad spoke with John Barley of Solemn Oath, the newest Chicagoland brewery to open it doors. They currently have four beers that you’ve probably seen popping up around Chicago. These guys are out in Naperville so all you beer lovers out there in the burbs now have another place to grab some great craft beer.

Beer Under Glass was the perfect way to kick off Chicago Craft Beer Week. Next year, if you see this event listed on the website, be sure to grab tickets. Its one of those events you don’t want to miss.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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HopCast Episode 174

Episode 174: Guide To 2012 Chicago Craft Beer Week

The kick off of Chicago Craft Beer Week is just days away and there are a few things to know about the week. Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder share a beer with one of the volunteer organizers Jonathan Surratt to go over a few details of the 11 day festivities. One of the important items to note are the special lanyards with maps you’re able to pick up at participating neighborhood venues that can be used to track all the locations you visit. Even if you don’t bother with the maps and stickers you’re still going to find a ton of great beers featured around the city. With around 200 participating venues and 160 featured beers to try, it’s going to be a fun 11 days.

If you’re using twitter or Google+ be sure to use the hashtag #CCBW and share all the fantastic venues you’re visiting and beers you’re drinking. We couldn’t be more excited. Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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