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Hop Cast – Episode 16

Join Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski in episode 16 of the Hop Cast as they show you some more tasty beer from Canada. They sample and review two anniversary beers from Unibroue, their 16 & 17. You will find out a little history of Unibroue also, what makes the 16 a strong pale ale and the 17 a strong dark ale. Along for this adventure in tasting is special guest Mitchell Radlund.

Download the Podcast (165.5 MB).

Hop Cast – Episode 7

In episode 7 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski show you that good things can come in a can. They sample and review three beers including Keweenaw Brewing’s , Sleeping Lady’s Urban Wilderness and the Pilsner from Canada’s Steam Whistle. Ken and Brad also explain to you the benefits of canned beer and show you why it’s a craft beer trend that is catching on.

Download the Podcast (201.6 MB).