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Beer Of The Month – July

Pretty sure the Hop Cast crew is in love with summer. So far this summer has been filled with lots of bikes, beers, baseball and boats. Just being outside, hanging in someones backyard can bring a smile to your face. It sure beats those rough winter months here in Chicago where all you want to do is well, nothing. Most of the time we just grab a big stout from the cellar and hide in bed. During the summer, the adventure can last all day and night. That’s why for the July beer of the month we have picked Victory Brewing’s Summer Love. This 5.2% American Blonde Ale is excellent when you’re looking for something to help beat the heat. Hopefully you’re drinking outside in the backyard because the aroma of citrus and grassy hops should pair perfectly with that environment. There is a wonderful floral hop aroma that balances the whole thing out. Once you finally taste this beer, it’s hard to not enjoy yourself. It’s light, crisp and fruity and those hops add a slight tingle to your mouth. A bit more complex then your average blonde ale which makes you want to take another sip to see what you might of missed. Even if blonde ales aren’t something you usually enjoy, give this one a try on a hot day and at just under $10 for a six pack it won’t pinch the wallet either.