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Bike The Breweries 2

Join Brad and Ken as they bike 20 miles and try and stop at 12 of the Chicago brewpubs and breweries. All locations are not yet confirmed and depending on operation hours, stops may not be made. Either way it should be a fun ride. At each stop we are allowing 30 – 45 minutes for beer, water or snacks Be sure to bring extra bike tubes and tools in case you run into any flats on the way.

Due to the overwhelming response for last years Bike The Breweries we had to limit the amount of people who can attend. We really appreciate the positive response from everyone on this event but we need to limit this event. There are a few reason we had to limit the amount of people, first and foremost it was a safety concern, with such a large group of people biking together we wanted to make sure no one gets hurt. Second there is no way we can show up to a bar or brewery with 100 people or find enough places for everyone to lock up their bikes at each location. Finally due to the tight schedule we are on if we have to wait for 100 people to get a beer then we don’t think the event will be very fun for everyone or would we be able to stick to a schedule. Be sure to RSVP on the twtvite page, spaces are limited so if you don’t think you’ll make it please do not confirm. Also Brad is working on getting some shirt printed and we will have them for sale for $10.00 each. What better way to remember the ride then with a great shirt.