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Hop Cast – Episode 139: Avery IPA & Onion Pub Hop Slayer

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are out on the the back deck cracking open a couple of canned beers in episode 139 of the Hop Cast. The first beer they open is one they haven’t seen in cans before, the Avery IPA. This 6.5% ABV India Pale Ale is usually found in the bottle or on tap but it’s nice to see Avery making the move to more canned beers. The can is just a great vehicle for beers, especially when you’re out in the back yard. After the Avery IPA, Brad and Ken move onto the Hop Slayer from Onion Pub. These guy are located out in the suburbs of Chicago and are just starting to get more or their beers to market. The Hop Slayer is a 8..0% ABV Double IPA and is very easy-going. It would be a nice beer for a hot summer day on the beach.

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