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HopCast Episode 168

Episode 168: Jubel 2010 & Miskatonic Dark Rye

In episode 168 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski reach for a couple beers from the Pacific Northwest. The first beer is the Jubel 2010 (Once A Decade Ale) from a brewery Ken and Brad are very familiar with Deschutes. This 10% American strong ale had been hanging around in Brad’s cellar for a few years and might a bit past it prime. But the beer has really held up very well especially after Ken and Brad have had so many cellar fails lately. The Jubel was tasty but likely was a lot better when it was fresh or with less age on it. After the Jubel Ken and Brad crack open a bottle of Miskatonic Dark Rye from Captured By Porches Brewing Company. This 5.6 % ABV Rye Beer is 56% Organic and labeled as vegan. Ken explains how beers can be labeled as vegan and why many other craft beers aren’t or can’t be vegan. This was a really tasty beer from Captured By Porches Brewing Company and you can count on Brad bringing some more bottles back from Portland, OR on his next trip. Seems like you can always count on some great beers from the Pacific Northwest.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 84

In episode 84 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski & Ken Hunnemeder open up a couple rare bottles from Hair Of The Dog. The first bottle they open is the Rose, a Tripel with an ABV of 7.60%. If you are used to the Fred and Adam watch out because the Rose is a crazy and odd beast. Brad and Ken then follow the Rose up with a huge bottle of Matt that Maura Price and Ted Collins sent from Portland, OR. The Matt was brewed to celebrate Bottleworks 10th Anniversary. The Matt honors the two Matts of Brouwers and Bottleworks fame in Seattle, Washington and their contributions to the local craft beer community. Aged in 33 year old Bourbon barrels and Apple Eau de Vie barrels for about one year. At 11.50%, this American Strong Ale shouldn’t be drunk alone. Once again a couple of amazing beers from Alan Sprints over at Hair Of The Dog. If you happen to stumble across either one of these beers be sure to pick them up and grab one for us too.

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Dragon’s Milk Ice Cream Recipe


Makes 1 quart

1/2 Vanilla Bean
1/2 Cup Whole Milk
1/2 Cup Chocolate Milk
1 Cup Heavy Cream
2/3 Cup New Holland Dragon’s Milk
2 1/2 Tablespoons Robust Molasses
4 Egg Yolks
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Teaspoon Dark Drinking Chocolate or Cocoa

Split vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape into a medium saucepan. Add the pod, milk, chocolate milk, and cream into the saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, once boiling turn off the heat and add drinking chocolate. Stir in drinking chocolate and then cover the pan. Let sit for 30 minutes so flavors infuse.

In a small saucepan whisk together the Dragon’s Milk and molasses. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Once boiling turn the heat off.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract until combined.

Whisk in a few tablespoons of the hot cream mixture, then very slowly begin to whisk in the rest of the hot cream mixture. Be careful not to add too much too quickly, you don’t want to cook the eggs.

Pour the mixture back into the medium saucepan and remove vanilla pod.

Add the beer/molasses mixture into the cream mixture.

Cook over medium heat, stirring often with a wooden spoon, for 8 to 10 minutes or until you think it has thickened enough that it is coating the back of the spoon.

Refrigerate in bowl overnight.

The next day, add the mixture to an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hop Cast – Episode 68

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are back with another episode of the Hop Cast. In episode 68, the two of them sample and review two beers from Pisgah Brewing; their Vortex 1 and Vortex 2. This is a brewery neither Brad nor Ken have had beers from. Pisgah Brewing is out of North Carolina and have over two dozen beers they brew, most of which are pretty highly rated on Beer Advocate. Brad and Ken start off with the Vortex 1 which is a Imperial/Double IPA coming in at 10.80%. After that the two of them move onto the darker and higher alcohol, Vortex 2. The Vortex 2 is a Russian Imperial Stout coming in at 11.70%. Both beers were pretty tasty and now that Pisgah Brewing is on Brad and Ken’s radar you can bet they will be picking up some more of their other beers.

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