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Hop Cast – Episode 162: Hair Of The Dog Doggie Claws

In episode 162 of the Hop Cast Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder dig deep into Brad’s cellar and pull out 10 years of Doggie Claws from Hair Of The Dog. This 11.5 % ABV Barleywine was first first brewed by the Portland brewery, Hair of the Dog in 2001. Brad didn’t have a bottle of that very first years Doggie Claws but the ten years start at 2002 and move up to the most current release from this past holiday. It was great to see how this beer changed over time and to speculate on how the recipe might have been adjusted from year to year. If you’re hiding any bottles in your cellar for that special occasion, you’ll see that we didn’t come across any major issues with any of the years which was pretty surprising and amazing for such a big vertical.

Hope you enjoy this very special episode and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 148: Dogfish Head Olde School

Its time for a little vertical tasting in episode 148 of the HopCast. Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski have been sitting on these two bottles of Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine for quite a while. They picked up the 2004 and 2008 bottles while they were out at the Dogfish Head brewery a few years ago. This beer was a perfect example of what proper cellaring can accomplish. Keep an eye out for this beer, its usually available in November. Olde School is around 15% ABV so when you are ready to taste it, either cellared or fresh, make sure to share some with others!

Thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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Hop Cast – Episode 126: Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Bang Red & Bardstown Ale

Episode 126 takes place in the beer nook at the cabin the Hop Cast guys were staying at in Wisconsin. Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by Brad Stark in this episode of Bourbon barrel ales. Unfortunately there were some slight audio issues with this episode. We apologize in advance for this. But even with the audio issues the three of them sip on some great beers. First up was one Brad picked up while he was in Portland, Oregon. It’s the Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Bang Red from New Lompoc. This beer was brewed in June of 2009 and sat in the barrels for just about a year before it was bottled. With an 8.20% this beer packs a ton of flavor and makes for a perfect sipping beer. They then follow up the Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Bang Red with a 2007 Olde Hickory Bardstown Brand Ale Aged In Bourbon Barrels. This beer came special delivered from Brusin’ Ales. With an ABV of 10% this barleywine packs a huge punch. A true sipping beer that tastes like you are drinking a fine bourbon.

Again we are sorry about the audio issue and thank you for watching the Hop Cast.

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Hop Cast – Episode 96

John Holzer, Stephen Johnson and Dr. Bill Sysak from New Brew Thursday join Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski in episode 96 of the Hop Cast. The five of them went onto the roof to enjoy the nice weather but that wind didn’t play very nice with the microphone, so there is a bit of wind noise. But the wind didn’t stop them from enjoying some excellent American Barleywines. The first beer they crack open is the latest release of the Gratitude from East End Brewing Company. This American Barleywine has an ABV of 11.5%, and should be shared with friends. They then open up a couple bottles of the recently released Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery Hi-Fi Rye. This is another big beer coming in at 11% ABV. According to Brewer Bryan Shimkos there will be a barrel version of the Hi-Fi Rye coming out in the future. So if you missed the bottle release for the Hi-Fi Rye, stay tuned for that one.

Big thanks to the guys from New Brew Thursday for joining the Hop Cast on episode 96!

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