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HopCast Episode 273

Episode 273: Neapolitan Milk Stout & Absence Of Light

Welcome to the Hop Cast, where Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder share their love of craft beer with the world.

On episode 273 of the Hop CastBrad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are back and opening a couple Midwest Milk Stouts. First up the guys dive into the Neapolitan Milk Stout from Saugatuck Brewing Company in Michigan. This 6.0 % ABV beer is one you need to try at least once. Overall, it’s pretty amazing that they are able to get all three flavors to come through in this beer. Following that up the guys move on to a 7.10 % ABV Milk Stout from 4 Hands Brewing called Absence of Light. This is their new and improved Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout and still packs all the same flavors you loved. 4 Hands has several Milk Stouts they brew so they must be doing something right.

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HopCast Episode 237

Episode 237: Kidnapped By Vikings & 4 Hands War Hammer

In episode 237 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder crack open two Midwestern IPAs from two breweries with great track records. First up is the 6.1% ABV Kidnapped By Vikings from Solemn Oath Brewery. Kidnapped By Vikings is bursting with killer fresh hop aroma and a light malty sweetness to balance that dominant hop presence. It’s pretty fantastic that this one is finally in bottles; it shouldn’t be passed up. Next, they dive into the 9% ABV Double IPA from 4 Hands Brewing Company. 4 Hands War Hammer uses a combination of Pacific Northwest hops to create layers of pungent flavor that should be drank fresh. 4 Hands Brewing recently hit the market here in Chicago so grab some next time you’re at the store.

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