The Hop Cast is a video podcast hosted by, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder who both currently live in Illinois. Its main purpose is for the two hosts to share their love of craft beer with the world. The format of the show involves Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder reviewing two beers from a specific state, brewery or style. Viewers also get tidbits of information about the brewing process, ingredients, packaging. Many episodes feature a guest who brings on their favorite beer to share with the hosts.

Brad Chmielewski handles all graphics for the show including the website. The editing for the show is done by him or Maeve Price.

The creation of the podcast came about from several discussions about the duos shared love of podcasts and their obsession with craft beers. Hunnemeder was a fan and avid watcher of Chmielewski’s first video podcast ChiHookah, which ended in 2007. Keeping the same style as ChiHookah seemed like the best option for the two podcasters.

Send Samples For Us To Review
We’re always looking for new products to review and we’d love any opportunity to try your new beers and ciders. When sending samples, please try to include any promotional material or literature that might help us get to know your past, present, and future better.
Samples can be mailed to Ken Hunnemeder;
240 N. Ashland Ave
Suite 190
Chicago, IL 60622

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Hop Cast Special Guests
The Hop Cast has had a few special guests since it has started. Traditionally, each guest brings a beer to share with Brad and Ken. Recently, people have been guest hosting without bringing a beer just to be on the Hop Cast. Guests are listed below in order of first appearance.

Mitchell Radlund
Donald Radlund
Charlie Drews
Shaun Sinnott
Jimmy Adamson
Jess Donofrio
John Burkett
Darcy Laughlin
Kyle Ogawa
Matt Pickett
Brian McCauley
Stephen Freshnock
Brandon Boshers
Shannon DeWolfe
Brian Gallagher
Katie Sirles
Scott Pellman
Shawn Horton
Wil Turner