Beer Of The Month – December

2 Turtle Doves

The holiday music is playing and the shopping has begun so that could only mean one thing, December is here. Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski went back and forth on this months beer selection. There are so many great holiday beers to choose from. They decided to go with something that takes the idea of what a holiday beer can be to the next level. Without further ado, the December beer of the month is the 2 Turtle Doves from The Bruery. The Bruery just recently showed up in the Chicago area and Ken and Brad have been enjoying just about everything they have gotten their hands on. And the 2 Turtle Doves is no exception.

Now watch out before you try taking on this holiday beer alone. This Belgian Strong Dark Ale comes in at 12.0% ABV, not something to be taken lightly. The 2 Turtle Doves pours out a dark chestnut, almost espresso with a very thin tan head, that quickly resides. Just a little lacing on the glass which seems about right for such a high alcohol beer. As this beer warms up the alcohol in the nose is more pronounced. There are some nice dried fruit smells, maybe dates or figs; along with toasted malts and chocolate and a hint of carmel. This is the type of beer that you just want to taste to see what else is going on. And when you finally do, the taste is fantastic! That sweet dried fruit comes through right away but there is also that rich chocolate flavor, not a sweet chocolate but a roasted nutty chocolate. Finally a light alcohol in the finish to warm you up inside. Although the alcohol comes out it isn’t a burn instead it’s very smooth and leaves a nutty and woody taste in your mouth. A well balanced beer throughout. Definitely unique and makes for a perfct holiday beer for yourself or as a gift. Open one of these after dinner with your family, it could be the perfect end to the night.

Happy Holidays from the Hop Cast!

  • PJ

    I just bought a bottle of this last weekend! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Maeve

    Great choice! Yeah this beer is tasty but I wouldn’t drink it by yourself. Tis the season of giving…

  • VanZoso

    Nice photo! And the beer sounds great. I’ll have to try and locate one of these :)