Hop Cast – Episode 52

For episode 52 of the Hop Cast, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are joined by Scott Pellman at the Daily Planet ltd office. In this episode Ken and Brad decide to go with what they love, a couple of IPAs. The first beer the three of them sample is the Flossmoor “Rye”m & Reason from new head brewer Bryan Shimkos. The Flossmoor “Rye”m & Reason is an American IPA and has an ABV of 7.5%. The second IPA they dive into is the AleSmith IPA. Ken was lucky enough to pick this up at Vintage Estate Wine and Beer on his recent trip to Youngstown, Ohio. The AleSmith IPA comes in at 7.25% ABV. As always the Hop Cast brings it with a couple solid IPAs. Thanks for watching the Hop Cast and stay tuned for even more great episodes.

Download the Podcast (448.9 MB).

  • Daniel

    It is really hard to not have a beer when watching this… Hopcast you drive me to drink! In a good way…

  • Sam Hoffman

    I call dibs on the rest of that Flossmoor!

  • Caroline Sherman

    Shout out to Ohio! haha Gonna have to check out Vintage Estates sometime, its not too far from me.

  • Ken hunnemeder

    Caroline, especially if you’re close hit it up. Vintage Estate is beer heaven.