A Brewing Renaissance In Chicago

This New York Times article was passed on to me the other day and I figured it was worth sharing with the Hop Cast audience. The article talks about the rise of craft beer in Chicago. More and more of the beers you see being served are brewed right in Chicago. Just a few years ago, you wouldn’t of seen this, it would of been PBR, Miller and Bud. Only lately has Chicago experienced a brewing renaissance of its own like you have seen over the years in Portland, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Today, local beer is popping up all over town. Now the tap handles read, Goose Island, Half Acre, Three Floyds, Metropolitan, and Flossmoor. The article is worth a read especially if you live in Chicago or if you have plans to visit. One place that the article didn’t mention was Hamburgers Mary’s new Sports Bar and Brewery, located next to the restaurant. They just started brewing beer and currently feature three home brews. Or even Moonshine who has been brewing beer for about a year now. But read the article and look for a Hop Cast review of Hamburger Mary’s beer and Moonshine in the future.