Hop Cast – Episode 45

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are at it again with episode 45 of the Hop Cast. This time the two of them are joined by Aggie Gilmore. Aggie said her favorite style of beer is the stout, so Brad went down to the cellar and pulled out a couple Russian Imperial goodies for them to try. Russian Imperial Stouts aren’t usually what you may reach for on a warm summer day but Brad, Ken and Aggie go for it anyway. The first beer they sample and review is the Rabid Duck from the fine folks at Duck-Rabbit. Duck-Rabbit it out in North Carolina and this Russian Imperial Stout comes in at a big 10%. They follow up the Duck-Rabbit with a Happy Ending. Sweetwater is no stranger to the Hop Cast. Brad & Ken have enjoyed pretty much everything they’ve been able to get their hands on from this brewery in the ATL.

Download the Podcast (201.6 MB).

  • Chris DiNicolo

    Russian Imperial Stouts are to be pulled out every day.

  • http://www.digitalhitchhiker.com Brad Chmielewski

    I feel ya.

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    I wish I could have one right now

  • Chris Colucci

    Duck-Rabbit looked like thin molasses, and didn’t sound much tastier.

  • Kevin L. Watson

    O great beer guru, which IPA has the greatest kick and smoothest flavor??? Or would you guide us to a stronger brew???

  • Aggie Gilmore

    Ha, a couple more of those and maybe I would’ve actually spoken during this episode…

  • Corey McDonald

    Appreciate the shout out. By the way, Sweetwater makes one of the best IPAs I’ve ever had. Good luck getting it fresh, though. Let me know if I need to be of assistance.

  • Kevin L. Watson

    Oh Grand Beerman… how may a lowly fellow find this ‘Sweetwater’ in Chicago? I have not seen such a brew in Binny’s in Hyde Park?

  • Donald Radlund

    gotta get it sent in from GA :( they make some good stuff though.

  • Kevin L. Watson

    Okay you guys, it is high time that you sell out to the corporate interest… Can’t you see from all the chat chat that you have a ‘buzzable’ commodity here? All you gotta do is sit in front of a “Binny’s” banner (or switch each month) and mention what they will have on sale that month. Take the money, smile a lot, then make like you are having fun. Then take it on the road for more money. Why not?

  • Donald Radlund

    if binnys wants to pay me to guest host once a month i will do

  • Marla Santos

    Actually, Happy Ending is part of SweetWater’s Catch and Release series, so not a year round beer. I know I gave you guys Motor Boat and I think you did Festive Ale, also other seasonals. We’ll have to see about getting you some of the regulars like Georgia Brown (which I prefer), 420, Blue, or the IPA.