I wasn’t planning on attending the 2nd annual RockFest this past Saturday. But a few friends who had tickets ended up not being able to go so there were some tickets up for grabs. I’m glad I was able to snag one of them because Rockfest was a solid beerfest. The event was held at the Rock Bottom in Chicago located at 1 W. Grand. It featured about 48 beers from seven of the midwest Rock Bottoms. The seven Rock Bottoms were Chicago, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Orland Park, Warrenville and Yorktown. Since all of the Rock Bottoms have their own brewmaster with their own recipes it was really interesting to try what should be the same beer from two different brewers. For example four of the brewers brought their version of the Naughty Scot and each one was slightly different. Which I guess is the whole point of RockFest, showcasing the differences in each beer by the brewmasters. The two Rock Bottoms that I thought brought their best to RockFest was the Chicago location and the Yorktown location. The Double Diamond Double IPA that Pete Crowley brewed just rocks! If you haven’t seen our interview with Pete be sure to check it out. Yorktown had a couple stand outs but the Cuvee du Sharon which is a Belgian Ale just had a nice creamy smooth taste. I believe the Yorktown Rock Bottom won the coveted golden bung hammer… not sure which beer they won the award for but they all were good so it was well deserved.

Rock Bottom might be a brewpub chain but this sort of festival shows that each one is doing something a little different. If you have a Rock Bottom in your area be sure to check it out, I’m sure you will find something you like. Next year if you can make it be sure to try and check out RockFest, I’ll be going again if I can.