HopCast Episode 29

Episode 29: Pliny The Elder & C-Note

In episode 29 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are joined by Shannon DeWolfe for yet another IPA episode. In this episode the three of them sample and review Russian River Brewing’s Pliny The Elder and New Old Lompoc’s C-Note.

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  • Princess Superstar

    I really enjoyed the convo about food pairings with the beer. It’s true – bacon and butter do go with everything! I’m so happy to see that your guest is bringing the sign-off back. You guys NEED a sign-off! Eeek gads!

  • http://www.digitalhitchhiker.com Brad Chmielewski

    Thanks for watching Jess… I hope you enjoyed your shout out. We are trying to do more food pairings in each episodes we just seem to forget. I’ll have to put it in our notes for something to talk about each time. Ken and I are also working on a cooking with beer episode so keep an eye out for that one.

  • Dale Miskimins

    Pliny the Elder was my favorite beer at GABF this year. I had a couple pints at the Falling Rock Tap Room in Denver.

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    Such a delicious beer. I wish we could get it whenever we wanted.

  • Shannon DeWolfe

    From all of us at Hopcast…

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    Oh that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.