Hop Cast – Episode 27

In episode 27 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder  are joined once again by Stephen Freshnock. The three of them sample and review two beers from Deschutes Brewery’s Bond Street Series. The two beers are both IPAs, the first is a fresh hopped pale ale called Hop Trip and the second is an experimental IPA called Hop Henge. In this episode Ken and Brad both referred to the Hop Henge as Hop Hedge which was very much incorrect.

Download the Podcast (144.1 MB).

  • http://www.sudsorduds.com Travis

    The video still is converting. But based on your pictures…I LOVE both of those beers. Deschutes is probably one of my top breweries. I first had the Hop Trip for Christmas dinner and I was amazed at the hop profile it gave me as it warmed up. The Hop Henge I had a few weeks ago at SF Beer Weeks kickoff event at the Double IPA festival in Hayward. If you are down with the dark beers, get your hands on The Abyss. It takes some time to open that damn thing, but its well worth it. We did it on our show a few weeks back.

  • admin

    Travis, yeah I have a bottle of Abyss. Ken and I have been thinking opening it.