Hop Cast – Episode 26

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are back for episode 26 of the Hop Cast. In this episode they are at Bridges Media Group checking out their four special edition beers. With them for this episode are the two brew masters Brandon Boshers and Stephen Freshnock and label designer Brian McCauley. Brandon Boshers was responsible for the Burnt Santa and the Tie-Breaker. Stephen Freshnock brewed the Golden Road and Heavy Manners. All four beers were a treat, so grab your favorite brew and join the Hop Cast for a taste adventure.

Download the Podcast (306.0 MB).

  • Charlie

    When are you going to feature one of yours Ken?

  • http://www.digitalhitchhiker.com Brad Chmielewski

    Charlie, we shot a episode a while ago I just need to get it edited. It should be out this weekend or next week, it features the blood orange hefeweizen.

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    My response would’ve been, “as soon as I make good beer”. Wa Wa

  • Christian Robins

    You rock Brad. Thanks for the shout out!

  • http://greyscalegorilla.com/ Nick Campbell

    Nice work, guys!