HopCast Episode 250

Episode 250: Sublime Ginger & Shady Character

This is episode 250, yeah that’s right 250 episodes of the Hop Cast! In this show Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder explore a couple of beers from the Chicago Brewery, Forbidden Root.

The first beer they open is the Sublime Ginger a 3.8 % ABV Herbed / Spiced Beer.Sublime Ginger starts with a dry and creamy wheat beer, then fresh botanicals are added plus a splash of key lime juice for a tangy flavor with a delicious bite of ginger. Next up is Forbidden Root’s Shady Character a 6.7 % ABV American Porter. The botanicals in this beer are black walnuts, licorice, roasted chestnuts, star anise and tellicherry pepper. This beer packs a ton of flavor that’s unique and tasty. What Forbidden Root is doing is fantastic and you really need to try to get your hands on these beers.

Cheers & Thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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