HopCast Episode 228

Episode 228: Red Skull & Revelry

In episode 228 of the Hop CastBrad Chmielewski & Ken Hunnemeder are seeing red… Red Ales that is. Red Ales are one of Brad’s favorite styles and if you were in Chicago you might of been able to taste the hoppy Red Ale Maeve and him brewed at HaymarketTwo Hoppy Hearts. If there is a Red Ale on the menu it’s usually gonna get ordered and these two on this episode are no exception. First up is the Red Skull from Revolution, this 8.3% ABV Imperial Red Ale is brewed with whole Cascade hops and dry-hopped in both the fermenter and the serving tank with whole Crystal hops. This beer was originally brewed at the Pub by brewer and friend of the show, Wil Turner and named for his wife, Deb Turner. Next up is the Revelry from Two Brothers. This 9.50% ABV beer packs a big punch in a little bottle. Imperial Reds can be some big beers that bring a lot of flavor with a heavy hand of hops and a big malt background. If you’re an IPA fan and you’re looking for something a little different but still has a hop punch, give an Imperial Red Ale a try… these two beers are great places to start.

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