Hop Cast – Episode 18

In episode 18 Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are a little Surly as they try two tasty IPAs from the great state of Ohio. With them for this adventure in fine beers are two special guests from Ohio, Jess and Kevin. The four of them sample and review BuckEye Brewing’s Hippie I.P.A. and BuckEye Brewing’s Seventy-Six. Sorry no Great Lakes in this episode.

Download the Podcast (238.7MB).

  • maeve

    hahaha Jess is hilarious! Cheers to you world!

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    Yeah, that sign off was pretty fantastic.

  • Donald Radlund


  • Donald Radlund

    Or should i say OH… (come on someone better know how to answer that!)

  • Mitchell Radlund


  • Gerard Stapleton

    Woohoo Ohio! This is one of my favorite episodes of the hopcast!