Hop Cast – Holiday Special

The holidays are here and Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are here to show you the true meaning of season, Winter Warmers. In this Hop Cast holiday special they sample and review Great Lakes 2008 Christmas Ale and Goose Island’s 2008 Christmas Ale. Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder would like to wish everyone who watches the Hop Cast a happy and safe holiday!

Download the Podcast (111.7 MB).

  • Nicolas Beaugrand

    I love the Great Lakes Christmas ale.
    If you gat the chance, drink a few at the brew pub. It’s better on tap. really better!!!
    It’s the same recipe every year(thank god! it’s so good…) Great lakes have a large variety of pub exclusives. They have a rotation but it seems like they have Dortmunder gold and Burning river all the time.

    Enjoy your christmas ales, and please give that Great lakes another shot, it’s worth it!

  • Ken Hunnemeder

    Brad and I are taking a brewery road trip out to the east coast with Great Lakes being one of the stops. Thanks for your input and your information. We do like the beer, it just didn’t win this face-off. But we’re looking forward to what Great Lakes has to offer. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year.

  • Nicolas Beaugrand

    Have a nice trip guys. I’ve seen your Unibroue episode which I liked also. I love those beer, and since I live about 15 minutes away from Unibroue I tend to drink them often. My favorite is the Raftman. Maudite is a classic, Trois-Pistoles is a really good strong dark ale. There are many good micro-breweries in Québec (french-Canada). If you can lay your hands on some McAuslan, they have a delicious pale ale called St-Ambroise (one of my favorite beer of all time)

    Anyway, happy new year guys…eeeh, I meant HOPPY new year!

  • Sherry

    Focus! I feel already drunk just watching the beginning of this episode, all blurry. But good show guys!