HopCast Episode 181

Episode 181: The Bruery Cuir & Melange Number 3

Reaching into the cellar Brad pulled out a couple tasty beer for him and Ken to sample in episode 181 of the Hop Cast. This 14.50% ABV Old Ale from The Bruery made for their 3rd Anniversary, packs a punch. This beer was created by racking each anniversary beer on top of the remains from the previous year. The particular version Brad and Ken opened is 25% bourbon barrel aged. This is a beer to be shared with friends and if you do take it on alone you might not be standing afterwards. But 14.50% isn’t enough for the Hop Cast so Brad and Ken then reach for the 15.50% Melange Number 3. The Melange Number 3 is a blend of Black Tuesday, White Oak and Papier. Smelling heavily like whiskey, this beer is going to get you drunk. Sip this one and take your time. Both of these are big beers from The Bruery and after a year to two in the cellar are still hitting you with a lot of flavor.

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