Beer Of The Month – April

Sometimes you just need a beer that you can drink all day without passing out in the gutter somewhere. A great session beer for a day at the park or grilling out in the backyard. These are often the beers we reach for as the weather warms up and we know we have a long day ahead. That’s why for April we have picked Founder’s All Day IPA as the beer of the month. The All Day IPA is one of the newest bottled beers from Founder’s and is a welcome addition to their line up. Although KBS is tasty, one is all you really need but with the All Day IPA, you just can’t help but have another. When you pour out the All Day IPA you get a lovely golden yellow color with about one finger of head. The fruity hops aroma drifts from the glass. Mango, pineapple, grapefruit, and tangerine let you know you are in for a treat. Those same flavors in the aroma follow in the taste. It’s bright, refreshing, and clean. There is mild bitterness from start to finish on this guy… it does have IPA in the name so it’s not a surprise. It’s packed with a decent amount of hops without knocking that alcohol content out of the park which is what you typically see from most IPAs lately. Now go pick yourself up a six pack and head to the backyard and fire up that grill.