Hop Cast – Episode 15

In episode 15 Ken Hunnemeder, Brad Chmielewski and special guests Shaun Sinnott and Jimmy Adamson try two delicious beers from Kansas City Missouri. They sample and review Boulevard Brewing’s Double Wide I.P.A. and their Long Strange Tripel. A big thanks to all who helped out in the enjoyment of these beers.

Download the Podcast (155.8 MB).

  • http://freshbrewlog.blogspot.com/ Slovak Brewer

    Enjoying the shows.. Selina and I gave you that Long Strange Tripel about a year ago.. We will bring you some Barrel Aged Quad here in a few weeks.

  • admin

    Yeah Maeve reminded me after the show. Wish I could of remembered would of loved to of given you guys a shout out. It was great stuff, aged well. Thanks you again!

    Ken and I would love to do a home brew episode with you if your interested.

    And Stephen a big thanks for watching!

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