Beer Of The Month – January

There is no sense in not starting off 2012 big. So lets kick off the beer of the month series for 2012 with Surly Brewing’s 9.0 % ABV Double IPA. Sadly we can’t get Surly Brewing cans here in Chicago but that doesn’t stop us from finding them in other people’s refrigerators. Surly Brewing’s Abrasive Ale used to be called 16 Grit, it was renamed and put into those nicely designed cans. You know here at the Hop Cast we love can beers and the Abrasive Ale is fantastic.

If you pour it into a pint glass you’ll be greeted with a hazy amber color liquid and a dense creamy white head. Isn’t that lacing beautiful? That aroma of fresh citrus should hit you as soon as you’ve begun to pour it out. Grapefruit, lemon, tropical fruits all balanced out with a hint of caramel malts. If only all beers smelled this fresh. The flavor is soft, smooth and fresh. Those sweet malts come in to add a nice balance before the bitter finish. This is a fantastic Double IPA and rivals some of those delicious treats we in Chicago usually get from Three Floyds.

Knowing we can’t get fresh cans whenever we want makes you sad when that last can is gone. Get yourself some Abrasive Ale and enjoy it fresh and be glad you were able to have it because many folks out there haven’t had the joy of experiencing Surly Brewing Company.

  • Professor Sudz

    As much as I like Abrasive, I think Furious is the better of the two. Surly knows how to make an IPA though, that’s for sure.

  • Brad Chmielewski

    Love Furious but was a big fan of the Abrasive and since it’s not available year round I felt like it made a good beer of the month pick.