Hop Cast – Episode 143: Ska Brewing’s Mexican Logger & ESB Special Ale

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are hitting the canned beers again in episode 143. This time the two of them reach for a couple cans from Ska Brewing. The first one is the Mexican Logger, a 4.2 % ABV American Pale Lager. This is one of the newest beers from Ska to go out in the can and is a great addition to their line up. Brad and Ken follow up the Mexican Logger with the ESB Special Ale. This 5.7 % ABV Extra Special Bitter is a pretty common one to find. If your local bar is out of the Modus Hoperandi there is a good chance you’ll find some ESB cans ready to drink. Ska Brewing cans are great to keep on hand at home. If you pick up the variety packs there is a good chance you’ll have something on hand any beer drinker should enjoy.

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