HopCast Episode 1

Episode 1: Goose Island’s Hopscotch Ale and Lagunitas Sirius

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski share their love of beer in the first episode of the freshly brewed Hop Cast.

This week Ken and Brad review Goose Island’s Hopscotch Ale and Lagunitas Sirius.

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  • Lisa Steiner

    you guys crack me up…so wise sounding :) i’m so proud!

  • Steve Siwinski

    I liked the sound of ken’s phone making the “voice mail noise” during the hopscotch ale pour….Great Job Guys! I’d like to suggest a beer… Old Speckled Hen….. Keep up the good work!

  • Nick Sheptak

    Man, you guys are like the Dr’s Frasier and Niles Crane of beer!

    but seriously, highly enjoyable, nice work. still waiting on that online bottle gallery though, ken.