Hop Cast – Episode 113: McNeill’s Brewery ESB & Champ Ale

In episode 113 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are drinking a couple of low alcohol beers from McNeill’s Brewery in Vermont. Both of these beers were brought back to Chicago by Nik Madalinski, who wanted to be on the show to share the beers himself but he had to head off to Japan. Big thanks to Nik for bringing back a nice lineup of beers to try from McNeill’s Brewery. The first beer Brad and Ken open up is a style not often featured on the Hop Cast; an Extra Special Bitter. They follow up the ESB with the McNeill’s Champ Ale, a west coast pale. McNeill’s Champ Ale is a very well rounded beer that is perfect for spending an easy day drinking with friends. If you live near McNeill’s Brewery, it’s likely you already know how great these beers are but for everyone else, be sure to try and get your hands on a bottle or two when you have a chance.

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