6 Year Anniversary Of The Hop Cast

This month marks 6 years since Ken Hunnemeder and I started the Hop Cast. When someone asks me how long we’ve been doing the Hop Cast, I know it doesn’t feel like 6 years to me. Time flies when you’re having fun and drinking beer. The Hop Cast is just something we do that allows Ken, Maeve and myself to get together and have fun. All the episodes are unscripted, you never know what could happen or what might be said. Very rarely do we sample the beers before we hit record and the only time we re-shoot something is if we forgot to hit record due to us having drank a few too many.

After 6 years, we’ve released 245 episodes and put out a number of other fun videos as well. I also try to keep the blog updated regularly with festival reviews, photos, events and my take on craft beer culture. At this point I think we’re one of the longer running video beer podcast out there, maybe the longest.

Thank you to everyone who’s been watching, listening and supporting what we do. Over the years we’ve met some fantastic people who love beer and that’s the reason Ken and I haven’t stopped. I’ve learned a ton about beer over the last six years, probably more than I truthfully need to know for someone who doesn’t work in the beer industry. Still it’s wonderful knowledge to have and has had a huge impact on what I drink, eat and the places I visit. Not only have I enjoyed some great beers but I’ve also enjoyed the company of many great friends in the beer industry. Beer brings people together and inspires them. I know it’s had a huge impact on what I do and create over the years.

Unfortunately, we didn’t shoot a special episode celebrating the 6 years or put on a killer event. We do this podcast pretty much for free (minus the few beers we are given or events we get into for free). Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show and thanks to everyone who’s been watching. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and leave us a review, if you can.

Last year at the 5 year point, I shared a few of my favorite episodes, which was tough to figure out because there have been so many good ones. This year I thought I’d pick some of my favorite episodes with brewers we’ve had on the show. Many of our episodes feature friends but they also feature brewers from different breweries across the country. And some of those brewers we can also now count as friends.

Cheers and thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

HopCast Episode 245

Episode 245: Midwest Belgian Beer Fest

In episode 245 of the Hop CastBrad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder take a trip down to St. Louis for the Midwest Belgian Beer Fest. The Third Annual Midwest Belgian Beer Fest was put on by Perennial and Side Project and this was the first time it wasn’t at the Perennial brewery. This year the festival kicked off St. Louis Craft Beer Week and took place at the Moto Museum.

We had a blast! The fest featured over forty breweries from across the Midwest and a few beyond that as well. Over the afternoon we ran into a ton of great brewers we know from Chicago and even had a chance to grab a few of them on camera to chat about the event.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this event next year because it just continues to get better and its definitely worth checking out.

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